Where are you going?

vision text on road in asphalt

Where are you going?

A free webinar for student Islamic societies, Muslim student associations and interested students on how to develop your vision for campus and how to make it happen

This webinar is a collaboration with with King's College Islamic Society.

What you will learn

After attending this webinar you will understand:

- how to build a vision for yourself and your student organisation.

- the importance of a collective strategy to fulfil your vision.

- the nature of sincerity (ikhlas) and to develop it.

- the importance of unity.

- the importance of consultation and how to ensure it is part of your culture.

- how to deal with problems as a leader and a member of a society

- the importance of learning applied Islamic thought.

- the importance of sharing Islam intellectually.

- how to develop a spiritual programme to ensure your success on campus and in life.


26 Nov. 2020


8PM GMT (UK time)

Webinar instructors

Shaykh Hisham Jafar
Islamic Scholar and University Chaplain
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Author, MA in Philosophy, Post-graduate Research Student