Over 35 webinars to educate & empower you

Sapience Institute for Islamic Thought and Education is officially launching with a series of free in-depth webinars to provide a compelling, convincing case for Islam and to empower and educate you to share the faith academically.

Webinars you have missed:

Why Sapience Institute: Introduction & General Q&A
Self-Evident: Why Atheism is Unnatural
The Incoherence of the Trinity: Reason, Revelation & Early Church History - Part 1
Has Science Disproved God? Deconstructing False Atheist Assumptions
Divine Link: The Argument from Dependency for God's Existence
The Incoherence of the Trinity: Reason, Revelation & Early Church History - Part 2
On Being Human: How Islam Addresses Othering, Dehumanisation and Empathy - Weeks 1 - 10
A Universe From Nothing? The Quranic Argument for God's Existence
The Free Slave: Why God is Worthy of Worship
The Scientific Deception of the New Atheists
The Protected Book: The Preservation of the Qur'an
Life without God: From Existential Nihilism to Islamic Theism
Darwinian Delusions: How to Understand the Science of Evolution & Islam
Divine Oneness: Why Islam's Concept of God is True
The Prophetic Truth: The Messenger of God
God's Testimony: The Divine Authorship of the Qur'an
Ibn Taymiyyah's Reformed Epistemology: On the Epistemic Foundations of Properly-Basic Islamic Belief
Denying God, Denying You: An Argument from Consciousness
Know God, Know Good: The Argument from Morality
Beauty and the Recognition of God
The Fitrah and Awakening the Truth Within
Is God Merciful? Islam’s Response to the Problem of Evil & Suffering
Why Does God Allow Suffering? A Comparative Look at Islam and Christianity’s Answers
The Timeless Book: The Multilayered Approach for Understanding the Qur'an and Science
In the Shade of Islam: A Historical Analysis of How Islam Spread - Part 1 and 2

Webinar instructors:

  • Dr. Osman Latiff
  • Fahad Tasleem
  • Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
  • Mohammed Hijab
  • Subboor Ahmad
  • Adnan Rashid
  • Imran Hussein
  • Jamie Turner
  • Yusuf Ponders