Know God, Know Truth

The Incoherence of Atheism and the Truth of Islamic Theism

A 10 week instructors course for selected participants from United Muslims of Australia (UMA).
20. Oct. to 22 Dec. 2020. Every Tuesday. 8:30PM (Sydney time).

Course Content

Week 1: Definition of atheism and why God's existence is self-evidently true
Week 2: The implications of life without God
Week 3: The argument from contingency (dependency)
Week 4: The Quran’s argument for God’s existence
Week 5: The concept and oneness of God
Week 6: The argument from reason
Week 7: Islam’s response to the problem of evil and suffering
Week 8: Does science undermine God and His revelation?
Week 9: Why God is worthy of worship?
Week 10: Objective Morality and God
After one month: open book exam.

Each week participants will be given homework.


Once you register you will be given a password by UMA to attend the instructors course, God-willing.

Course Instructors

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Author, MA in Philosophy, Post-graduate Research Student
Subboor Ahmad
MA in Philosophy, PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Biology

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