The Doctrine of the Trinity: Man-Made or Divinely Revealed?

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Man-made or divinely revealed?

An in-depth seminar. 22 May 2021. 8PM (UK time).


Course Content

This seminar will present evidence from the writings of the early church fathers that the fourth century Niceno-Constantinopolitan conception of the Doctrine of the Trinity cannot be read out of the Christian Scripture. The Old and the New Testament do not teach a triune God that consists of three co-equal and co-eternal persons. It will be shown that, contrary to finding a co-equal Trinity in the Bible, the natural reading of the text presents a transcendent unipersonal one God. The writings of the early church fathers, who were either unitarians or subordinationists in varying degrees, will demonstrate that none of them were trinitarians as most Christians are today.

Recomended reading

"History of trinitarian doctrines", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Course instructors

Adnan Rashid
Historian with a BA and MA in history. He is a lecturer and instructor .