The Scientific Deception of the New Atheists

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About the book

Proponents of the New Atheist movement commonly use scientific discourse in order to make a case against theism. Richard Dawkins famously positions Darwinian evolution as a replacement for the ‘God Thesis’. Moreover, New Atheists like A.C Grayling, Christopher Hitchens and others make the case that belief in religion in inhibiting to science. On this view, science can tell us all we need to know about the world and reference to a divine being is superfluous and unnecessary. This small book is a refutation of these claims. By referencing the works of western intellectuals, the author demonstrates decisively how flawed these postulations are. In addition to this, the author is able to show that despite that forceful and pervasive nature of atheistic jargon in public discourse, that the actual success of new atheists is largely over-exaggerated.

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About the author

Mohammed Hijab is a comparative religionist, political scientist, theological historian, author and debater. He has published works in the philosophy of religion, political philosophy and theology. He also holds degrees in those fields acquiring his BA in Politics, a MA in History (both from QMUL Uni. of London) and another MA in Islamic studies (from SOAS Uni. Of London) . He has also underwent formal Islamic studies in Qur'an, Hadith, Usul and Arabic language in an Islamic seminary 'The Shinqeeti Institute'. Hijab is currently doing further postgraduate research in applied theology.