The genocide in Gaza is awakening the Muslim community.

We are like a sleeping giant in the last stage of its slumber. The desire and energy to advocate for the Palestinian cause, and to share and defend Islam is peaking. 

Now is the time to act.

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The need for an intellectual frontline, to be armed with the arguments and values of the Qur’an, is an essential part of striving for the inevitable victory:

“So do not give in to the disbelievers: strive hard against them with this Qur’an.” The Qur’an 25:52

At Sapience Institute we see a world convinced of Islam and we aim to achieve this by intellectual sharing and defending Islam and developing individuals and organisations to do the same.

Be part of this great work. Support the intellectual front line.


There will be inspiring talks, an extensive Q & A, books and an opportunity for you to support our work, in-shā-a-Allāh.

The event is free, however registration is mandatory.