Sapience Institute speakers and training request terms and conditions.

Venue and attendance:

A suitable venue for the course should be selected with suitable audio and visual systems. Tables and chairs (laid out in classroom style) should be available for the event to facilitate a positive learning environment. All Sapience Institute events are open to men and women and suitable arrangements should be made to facilitate this.

Audio and video recording:

If the inviting organisation is recording the event, Sapience Institute will be eligible to have an unedited copy of the recording which Sapience Institute reserve the right to edit and use for future outreach activities. If the inviting organisation is not recording the event, Sapience Institute reserve the right to record the event.

Event communication and marketing:

Ensuring the communication and marketing of the event is the responsibility of the inviting organisation. A soft copy of the poster/flyer and or other marketing collateral should to be sent to Sapience Institute prior sending to print/publishing. The event marketing should feature the ‘Sapience Instutute’ logo, and website link ‘’. Sapience Institute will not promote any event via their website/social media without prior written agreement.

Travel and accommodation:

All travel and lodging expenses incurred by Sapience Institute en route to the event must be paid for by the inviting organisation. This can include but is not limited to airfare, car rental, gas/petrol, etc.

In the UK, should the estimated distance exceed 120 miles, provision should be made for overnight stay at a hotel.

In case of car travel, such costs are calculated on the basis of estimated miles travelled from the Sapience Institute office or the host’s residence as appropriate, to the address provided by the inviting organisation. Each mile travelled will be charged at £0.35.

Car parking facilities:

The inviting organisation is responsible for arranging suitable parking facilities for the Speaker. If parking is not available, any costs incurred will be covered by the inviting organisation.

Sapience Institute presentation:

If applicable, the speaker will be given adequate time by the inviting organisation to present the work Sapience Institute does.


Sapience Institute reserve the right to recommend an alternative speaker for the training requested, based on the speaker’s expertise in that area/topic.

Unforeseen circumstances:

After your request has been confirmed by Sapience Institute, if Sapience Institute faces any emergency or unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of all money paid can be offered upon request. In this unlikely situation, Sapience Institute will endeavour to find a replacement speaker.

Cancelling or changing your confirmed request:

If the inviting organisation happens to make changes to the event time, location or date, this may invalidate the request. Any changes must be agreed with Sapience Institute in writing. The inviting organisation must notify Sapience Institute immediately if the event has been cancelled and will be liable for any accommodation or travel arrangements made before.


Once your request has been confirmed, Sapience Institute will discuss remuneration for travel/accommodation, and if/how they should be made, at the discretion of the visiting speaker. We do not charge for participation in any events.

Sapience Institute is happy to negotiate terms and conditions upon written request to