Becoming the Prophet’s ﷺ Shield

Becoming the Prophet's ﷺ Shield

A free webinar on how to intellectually defend the Prophet ﷺ and share his message in light of recent controversies

What you will learn

After attending this webinar you will:

- Understand the philosophy of freedom of speech, its necessary limitations, the harm principle and the competition of values that underpins restrictions to speech.

- Know how to respond to the claim that this is about freedom of speech and freedom to insult.

- Be able to show the importance of civility and how freedom to degrade and insult is not logically necessary to achieve the objectives of freedom of speech, and that freedom to degrade can be a barrier to achieve these objectives.

- Be able to provide many examples of restrictions of speech in law and society.

- Be able to illustrate various examples of the hypocrisy and double standards of secular ideologues on the issue of freedom of speech and the defamatory cartoons of the Prophet Muhamamad (pbuh).

- Understand that intellectual freedom, progress and dialogue is not threatened by being civil and being averse to insults and degradation.

- Appreciate that Islamic intellectual and spiritual tradition, as well as its long history, is an ideal example of a cohesive and ethical civilisation.

- Be able to share why Muslims love the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more than their own mothers and why he is the last and final prophet God.

- Be able to explain, with examples, the sublime character, ethics and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


31 Oct. 2020


1PM - 3PM GMT (UK time)

Webinar instructors

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Author, MA in Philosophy, Post-graduate Research Student
Subboor Ahmad
MA in Philosophy, PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Biology