Sapient Thoughts

Sapience Thoughts_v3-01
Sapience Thoughts is a YouTube series that has the following objectives:
  • To touch, move and inspire you so you can start your journey to share and defend Islam intellectually and academically.
  • To provide a positive case for the intellectual and spiritual foundations of Islam.
  • To answer objections and objections against Islam.
  • To comment on theo-philosophical, religious and spiritual matters, and more.

#1 What is Sapient Thoughts?

#2 Does the Quran say that the world is flat?

#3 Does the Quran say the universe was created in six 24 hour days?

#4 Would Darwin have agreed with the New Atheists?

#5 Explaining the Quranic verse referring to stars pelting devils

#6 Does the Quran say the earth was created before the heaven?

#7 Islam, atheism and the meaning of life

#8 Does an eternal life make life meaningless?

#9: Does the word alaqah only mean congealed blood, is it unscientific?

#10 Does the hadith on the Sun prostrating support geocentrism?

#11 Understanding the hadith as a cure for all diseases

#12 Were all the species on Earth put on Noah's ark?