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Click here to agree our terms and conditions. By selecting "I agree" you have read and agree to the Sapience Institute's terms and conditions.

Islam promotes intellectual debate and dialogue, and forbids disrespecting other people and their beliefs.

Existing peacefully with non-Islamic beliefs is an essential Islamic principle that is clearly stated in the Islamic source texts.

All parties engaged in the interfaith discussion or debate must agree to this statement in writing.

When Sapience Institute personnel are engaged in interfaith work or debates they must:

1. behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards other participants in the event, guests and sponsors of the debate, and members of the public attending debate events

2. abide by the laws of the host nation

3. abide by any rules, guidelines, and restrictions set by the host organising committee to keep the event regulated and ensure the safety of participants

4. not make insulting comments, jokes, insults, or insinuations about another person’s culture, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation or which may be construed as being derogatory or as harassment, whether in the presence of that person or in any other forum in which the person may not be present

5. not stalk or physically harass another individual

6. not engage in any form of violence or threats of violence

7. not intentionally cause damage to the property of other individuals or of any host venue.

8. not consume any substances which are not legally entitled to be consumed in the host country, or supply any such substances to others.

9. not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a way which may bring the debate or event into disrepute.

10. not confront adjudicators in an aggressive manner after a debate

11. provide and receive feedback given in a way that is constructive and non-confrontational.

Sapience Institute has adopted an extremism policy to enable it to comply with its duties under the law.

By selecting "I agree" on this form it does not necessarily mean you are a member of staff, subcontractor, volunteer or speaker. You have been asked to confirm your agreement if you plan to print or distribute our publications, have a formal meeting with us, enter into a working relationship with us or engage in any activity that has sufficient reason to be covered by this policy.

We expect all staff, subcontractors, volunteers and speakers (whether at our events or representing Sapience Institute at external events) to abide by the policy’s core ethos and principles.

Please read the code below and select "I agree" to indicate your agreement to abide by it. You:

1. will ensure that you do not promote, advocate or endorse hatred, violence against anyone, or any group, faith or community, in the UK or overseas.

2. must not promote, endorse, glorify or praise terrorism in any form.

3. must not express support for any proscribed terrorist group.

4. will not break any laws, at home or when traveling abroad.

5. will not promote, advocate or endorse the breaking of any laws at home or abroad.

6. will ensure that you do not promote, advocate or endorse any intolerance against anyone, or group, faith or community, in the UK or overseas.

7. must ensure any quotes from the Qur’an, Prophetic Sunnah and Islamic Scholars are clearly placed in context and not left for the public, audience or media to infer support for hatred or violence.

8. will ensure, if applicable, that your presentation is appropriate to the age and understanding of the audience.

9. must always be appropriately dressed for any Sapience Institute event and adopt the correct language, and behaviour.

10. must ensure the content of the speech/presentation must contribute to Sapience Institute’s aims and objectives of advancing the Islamic faith and educating the audience in accordance with authentic Islamic teaching. [Applicable to Sapience Institute personnel only]

11. must not promote or endorse any political party or candidate during working hours or at any Sapience Institute events.[Applicable to Sapience Institute personnel only]

12. are not permitted to raise or gather funds for any external organisation or cause without express written permission from the Board of trustees. [Applicable to staff, subcontractors, Sapience Institute speakers and fundraising volunteers only. This does not apply to non-fundraising volunteers.]

13. agree, if applicable, to Sapience Institute staff (or anyone with delegated authority) and trustees having the right and responsibility to interrupt and/or stop the talk/presentation for any violation of this agreement, and asking the speaker to leave the panel.

14. agree that any violation of this policy will be considered gross misconduct, which leads to immediate dismissal. [Applicable Sapience Institute personnel only].