Ramadan Update: May 2020 – April 2021

As-salāmu 'alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātahu.

We pray that you all experience a positive and transformative Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah. We are delighted to give you the opportunity to find out what we have achieved since our inception in May last year, including what we plan to achieve after Ramadan.

We would like to thank you all for supporting us and believing in our vision. We all want to see a world that receives the message of Islam and for it to be a place where Muslims can academically and intellectually share their faith. The intellectual challenges that we face do not only exist in the ivory towers of academic institutions. The ideas and philosophies that challenge our faith are being filtered down to almost every level of society. We need a strategy to provide a robust response at the academic and popular level. 

This is exactly what Sapience Institute aims to do. In fact, this is what we have started to do. We have developed others to be able to intellectually share Islam and we have empowered them to develop others to do the same. This is our strategic focus.

Supporting us in this ensures we take the dawah to the next level and develop the resources to create that much needed change.

Below are our key achievements:

  • Trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam.
  • Developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars.
  • Delivered 10 in-depth online courses and seminars.
  • Delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque (Istanbul) outreach team, with access to 4 million visitors.
  • Published 3 books.
  • Researched and published 13 essays and articles.
  • Launched free online Lighthouse Mentoring service.
  • Privately mentored ex-Muslims, duāt and people with doubts.
  • Produced 30 Sapient Thoughts videos.
  • Launched our free education platform ready for content.
  • Published various Turkish and Spanish translations of our work.
  • Personnel continuing postgraduate research in philosophy, philosophy of biology and theology.

Key plans after Ramadan:

  • Empower and train over 10,000 Muslims.
  • Complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found off and online.
  • Publish a website responding to leading anti-Islamic websites.
  • Expanding our Lighthouse Mentoring service.
  • Professionally film 10 free courses, with slides and notes, on our new learning platform.
  • Publish 2 new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam.
  • Publish well-researched essays and articles.
  • Produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts, commenting on theo-philosophical issues and providing a strong case for Islam.
  • Engage in 4 academic discussions and debates.
  • Ensure our advanced dawah training course is available in other languages.
  • Translate two Arabic books written by leading intellectuals on the proofs of Islam.
  • Ensure translations of our work in other languages.
  • Start a new podcast.

We pray Allah grants us the ability and blesses this noble work. Please consider starting a monthly donation.

May Allah bless you and reward you. On behalf of the management team:

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis.