Pakistan Tour 2024 | Mohammed Hijab, Fahad Tasleem & Imran Hussein

Pakistan Tour: 10-22 February 2024

Empowering people to defend and share Islam intellectually

This tour, in collaboration with Youth Club, aims to empower ambassadors of Islam to defend and share Islam intellectually. It is a follow up from the previous Pakistan tours including The Visionaries Masterclass.

The tour will focus on developing people to be able to address the isms of the day: atheism, liberalism and LGBTQ+. We will be developing new teams, conduct trainings, workshops in key institutions and universities across Pakistan.

Fahad Tasleem, Mohammed Hijab and Imran Hussein will travel to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, including the surrounding areas.

Read below to read more about the itinerary, how to get in touch for more information, and to access some selected flyers.

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Selected Flyers

Once the events are confirmed, the itinerary will be regularly updated below, in-shā-a-Allāh.