Our New Learning Platform

Our New Learning Platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new learning platform. Our platform aims to provide free in-depth courses on a number of topics to empower you to intellectually and academically share and defend Islam. The topics that we will address include theism and atheism, secularism and liberalism, ethics, Christianity, science and religion, and more. 

The courses include presentation slides, multiple-choice questions and certification. The instructors include Dr. Osman Latiff, Fahad Tasleem, Hamza Tzortzis, Mohammed Hijab, Dr. Safaruk Chowdhury, Shaykh Mohammad Idrissi, Yusuf Ponders, Adnan Rashid, Jake Brancatella, Subboor Ahmad and more.

Start your transformative learning experience now

New free courses will be released every couple of weeks, God willing.

The following courses are now available:

Awakening the Truth Within: An Advanced Dawah Training Course (English and Spanish versions)
No Doubt: 10 Strategies to Deal with Your and Other People's Doubts
The Art of Debate and Disputation
Divine Perfection
On Being Human

Christological Controversies: Christ Over Creeds

Nihilism: The End Meaning