No Doubt

No Doubt

No Doubt: 10 strategies on how to deal with your and other people's doubts

An 8 week course on empowering you to respond to and deal with shubuhāt (destructive doubts).
21. Oct. to 9 Dec. 2020. Every Wednesday. 8PM (UK time).

Course Content

Week 1: The metaphysical backdrop: shubuhāt, shahawāt, waswasa, the fitrah, the heart and the sources of doubts
Week 2: The 10 strategies: 1 to 3 - be aware, no attention and make the distinction
Week 3: The 10 strategies: 4 - your environment and social psychology
Week 4: The 10 strategies: 5 - study Islam (including responses to key shubuhāt)
Week 5: The 10 strategies: 6 - developing critical thinking and Islamic thought (key sources of doubts addressed: science, ethics, etc.)
Week 6: The 10 strategies: 7 to 8 - find a specialist and dealing with trauma
Week 7: The 10 strategies: 9 and 10 - strengthening your spiritual heart and supplicating to Allah
Week 8: Summary and exam

Each week participants will be given homework.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who:
• suffers from shubuhāt (destructive doubts)
• has left Islam because of doubts
• is thinking about embracing Islam but has been succumbed by doubts
• is a community leader, imām or activist who deals with people who suffer from doubts
• are preachers, activists or duāt engaged in the work of sharing Islam (da’wah).

Course Instructors

Dr. Osman Latiff
BA, MA and PhD in History. Post-doctoral research in dehumanisation. Academic author. Islamic Studies researcher and teacher.
Shaykh Fahad Tasleem
BA in Economics, Graduate Studies in Middle Eastern Studies, MSc in Business. Student, researcher and teacher of various Islamic sciences.
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Author, MA in Philosophy, Post-graduate Research Student.

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