No Doubt: 10 Effective Strategies On How To Deal With Your & Other People’s Doubts

About the book

The book is about destructive doubts. While one of the sources of doubts about Islam could be about liberalism and Islamic ethics, it may not be the doubt that you are having or someone you know is experiencing.  Perhaps, that doubt stems from a problematic hadīth you read or not being able to reconcile science and the Qur'an.  Maybe a traumatic experience has led you to question God’s mercy, or perhaps, the idea of following a religion with so many rules is too much to swallow.  Whatever doubts you or someone you know is going through, this book has been written to address them. This book presents 10 effective strategies, grounded in Islamic teachings, that will equip readers with the necessary epistemic and psycho-spiritual tools needed to deal with your and other people's destructive doubts.

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About the author

Fahad Tasleem holds a BA in Economics, Graduate Studies in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on Islamic Theology and an MSc in Business. He is a student, researcher and teacher of various Islamic sciences. His areas of interest include Islamic Theology, Dawah, History, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Quranic Studies. Fahad studied Arabic at Georgetown University and the University of Texas at Austin.