The Death of Meaning: Islam and Nihilism

The Death of Meaning

A 4 week course on Islam and Nihilism

15 March to 5 April 2021. Every Monday 8PM (UK time).


Course Content

Many books have been written professing to have an answer to the meaning of life, and these answers are always varied and often in conflict with one another. Despite this however one might still ask: why is it so important for us to know whether or not our lives have meaning? Is it really essential in order for us to go on living? Islam argues meaning is essential to life. Nihilism rejects meaning. This free 4-week online course is designed to empower you on how to address the growing and destructive phenomenon of nihilism.

Recomended reading

Nihilism as a poison - part 1: the death of meaning.

Course instructors

Yusuf Ponders
Graduate in philosophy with a focus on western philosophy, philosophy of religion and nihilism. He runs the YouTube channel, Pondering Soul.