January 15, 2024

New Audiobook | The Double Standard: Media Reactions to Zionist Terror

On July 22nd 1946, the Irgun blew up the King David Hotel, the headquarter of the British authorities in Palestine, killing 91 and injuring 46. On October 31st2023, the “Israeli Defence Forces”, a direct product of the Irgun, bombed the Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza, killing at least 50 and injuring many more. In the British media, the former was described as a terrorist attack, whereas the latter was not. Why is this the case? In this timely polemic, public speaker and academic Mohammad Hijab, translator and journalist Jody Mcyntyre analyse and compare the responses of the British, Arab, and Jewish medias to these two atrocities. As entrenched western support for the Zionist project is pushed to its limits, this text highlights and questions an apparent double standard in reposting acts of terror in Palestine.
January 12, 2024

New Audiobook | Unveiling Tyranny: The Genocide In Gaza & False Zionist Narratives On Palestine

Referring to Israel's current vicious onslaught on Gaza and its decades of oppression of the Palestinian people this book exposes Zionist Israel’s tyranny, apartheid and genocidal intent. The book provides 8 key arguments for the Palestinian cause, and responds to popular and academic objections. After reading this book, readers will develop a sound and contextually-sensitive understanding of decades-long injustices being meted against the Palestinians and why their emancipation is a burning necessity.
August 26, 2023

Audiobook | Islam & Nihilism: My Poison & My Cure

In this book, the author seeks to make clear the growing problem of nihilism prevalent throughout the world. The feeling of the meaninglessness of life has more and more people in its grip, and this book explains the root causes of this issue, along with outlining its effects. This is done as a type of diagnosis of an illness which is connected to growing problems of depression and suicide which nearly everyone has either experienced themselves first hand, or knows someone who has. Religion, and more specifically, Islam, is offered as a cure to this illness, and step by step it is shown how Islam has within its framework the antidote to many of the issues caused by nihilism, along with providing a toolkit to many of the common obstacles/objections that impede the way towards Islamic Monotheism.
August 19, 2023

Audio Essay | The Adamic Conundrum

This audio essay, Dr. Osman Latiff, sets to emphasise a newer Qur’ān-centred approach in Muslim/Christian dialogue. It advocates an approach focused on considering not simply what Muslims and Christians might differ on but a crucial reason for those differences and the worldviews of both religions that emerge from those differences. It examines the genesis of where the two paths divergence how that divergence has resulted in differing theological viewpoints. Such a fundamental starting point has been sometimes circumvented in order to open spaces for more obvious discussions around major points of theology, namely, from Christian theology – the Incarnation, Divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the Crucifixion. Although each of these is certainly crucial, each of them emanates from the subject of this piece, from what Dr. Latiff terms the Adamic Conundrum.