Version 06042021 

  1. Booking online confirms your acceptance of our booking conditions. 
  2. By confirming your booking for our mentoring and/or consultation you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, or older.
  3. By confirming your booking for our mentoring and/or consultation, you confirm that you do not suffer from any mental health condition and that you are fit to attend the meeting.
  4. Sapience Education will not accept any liability if you are not aware of any mental or physical health problems at the time of your booking, but subsequently find out before the meeting and/or consultation or soon after, and feel or believe that the meeting or consultation has affected you in any way.
  5. By booking through our online system, you are registering yourself, or others within our organisation as paying parties for a private mentoring and/or consultation within our charity.
  6. All cancellations must be made in writing 2 days in advance. Failure to do so may prevent you from booking a mentor again.
  7. All attendees’ records will be kept on our records, but your details will not be shared with any other third party and we will not contact you about anything other than your booking – unless you have indicated otherwise.
  8. All online and offline meetings, mentoring and consultations will be recorded for training and quality purposes. The recordings will not be shared outside of Sapience Education, they will however be used for training, quality control, research and safeguarding purposes.
  9. Any future published research will keep all attendees anonymous and the details will not be shared.
  10. Sapience Education will not accept liability for damages for any published findings which are used by the public to try to identify the attendees.
  11. Anything that is said or shared by Sapience Education is advisory and if anything results, directly or indirectly, in any real or perceived harm to the wellbeing (physical and mental) of the attendee and/or their contacts, relatives or friends, Sapience Education will not accept any responsibility and/or liability.
  12. The recordings will be shared with the authorities if Sapience Education is legally required to do so, or if it is necessary to clear the name of Sapience Education.
  13. The private mentoring and consultation meetings are not a professional service. They are not to be used or referred to for medical issues, particularly for mental health issues. These meetings are strictly advisory in nature.
  14. The attendee(s) are not permitted to record, share or take images of the meetings, irrespective if they are on or off line. If the organisation notes any attendee(s) in an attempt of doing so, they will face legal action and no notice will be provided to them.
  15. Sapience Education personnel must abide by the organisation’s code of conduct:
  16. The organisation does not accept any liability for anything that any Sapience Education personnel say or do.
  17. Neither the organisation’s personnel or the organisation itself will accept any liability for anything that is said during the meeting by Sapience Education personnel, and subsequently being contradicted or amended by their own statements by virtue of their private or public work.
  18. Anything said or shared by the attendee during the mentoring and consultation that is against the law, including charity law, will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  19. The attendee acknowledges that no physical contact, including handshakes, is allowed during any meeting.
  20. The attendee is not to disclose the identity of the Sapience Education personnel, the location of the meeting, and if applicable - the online communication platform ID, and any content that they will read, hear or see during the meeting/consultation to any other third party.
  21. All the meetings and/or consultations are in English Language, unless specified otherwise.