Are you or someone you know doubting Islam? Do you find yourself struggling to find answers?  Do you have a hard time speaking to someone about Islam?  Are you considering Islam but are unsure about certain concepts?  Are you an activist, Imam or community leader who is unsure about how to handle questions related to science, philosophy, the Islamic moral code, etc.? Are you a new Muslims that requires mentoring and support?

You are not alone.  Over the course of the last decade or more there has been a rapid proliferation of content online and in academic institutions that has eroded the faith of some people.

Seeing the rise of  this phenomenon , Sapience Institute is introducing a One to One mentoring service called LIGHTHOUSE.

This service is for:
  • Muslims: People that have certain issues or doubts that they struggle with they fear undermine the fundamentals of their faith in Islam
  • New Muslims: New Muslims have their own specific contexts and needs. This service mentors them on how to become close to Allah and worship, as well as integrate them to the Muslim community and positive contribute to the wider society. Where relevant we will empower them on how to defend and share Islam.
  • Ex-Muslims: People that have left Islam because of intellectual, spiritual or emotive doubts.
  • Non-Muslims: Non-Muslims thinking about embracing Islam but have been succumbed by doubts
  • Students: University or college students who are trying to reconcile an Islamic Identity with the vicissitudes of college life.
  • Leaders: Community leaders, Imāms or Activists who deal with people who suffer from doubts and are interested in learning how to better articulate the foundations of Islam in a modern context.
  • Dū'at: Preachers, activists or duāt engaged in the work of sharing Islam (da’wah)