Audiobook | Islam & Nihilism: My Poison & My Cure

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About the book

In this book, the author seeks to make clear the growing problem of nihilism prevalent throughout the world. The feeling of the meaninglessness of life has more and more people in its grip, and this book explains the root causes of this issue, along with outlining its effects. This is done as a type of diagnosis of an illness which is connected to growing problems of depression and suicide which nearly everyone has either experienced themselves first hand, or knows someone who has. Religion, and more specifically, Islam, is offered as a cure to this illness, and step by step it is shown how Islam has within its framework the antidote to many of the issues caused by nihilism, along with providing a toolkit to many of the common obstacles/objections that impede the way towards Islamic Monotheism.

About the author

Yusuf Ponders

Yusuf is a researcher and Sapience Institute’s Lighthouse Mentoring manager. He has a 1st class B.A. in Philosophy. His focus has mainly been on Nihilism and the meaning of life, for which he wrote a dissertation and made many videos discussing this subject.

He runs a Youtube channel called “Pondering Soul”, which focuses on Philosophy and Theology. He is also a co-host on the up-and-coming Youtube channel “Thought Adventure Podcast”, as well as regularly featuring on many other da’wah channels.

Yusuf embraced Islam in 2014 and has since studied Islam formerly with a qualified shaykh. He hopes to continue these studies alongside his studies in Philosophy.