Divine Perfection: The Concept of God, Salvation and Sin in Islam & Christianity

Divine Perfection

A 6 week course on the concept of God, sin and salvation in Islam and Christianity

This course includes responses to Dr. William Lane Craig's main arguments against Islam.
5 March to 9 April 2021. Every Friday 8PM (UK time).


Course Content

This free 6 week online course will discuss and assess the Islamic and Christian concept of God, from the perspective of maximal perfection, soteriology and harmatiology. This course will also respond to three of Dr. William Lane Craig’s main arguments against Islamic theism. For over a decade, Dr. Craig has formulated several arguments against Muslim belief. Craigs main arguments question Allah’s maximal perfection. He maintains that Allah cannot be maximally holy and omnipotent because the Islamic doctrine of salvation compromises God’s holiness and is therefore insufficient in securing Divine favour and redemption. Craig also postulates that Allah is not maximally loving, therefore the God of Islam is “morally inadequate”. Although Craig does not specifically refer to God’s maximal knowledge, he argues that Allah got the Christian conception of the trinity wrong, therefore and by logical implication, Allah is not maximally knowing.


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Course instructor

Dr. Osman Latiff
BA, MA and PhD in History. Post-doctoral research in dehumanisation. Academic author. Islamic Studies researcher and teacher.