Awakening The Truth Within: An Advanced Dawah Training Course

Awakening the Truth

An 6 week advanced da'wah training course

9 Feb. to 16 March 2021. Every Tuesday 4PM (UK time).


Course Content

This 6 week free advanced online dawah training course is designed to empower you to intellectually and academically share Islam. Based on the Islamic sources texts and the scholarly tradition, this course will provide a robust methodology to help you awaken the truth that lies within people's innate diposition. This course is a holistic course that aims to provide rational, existential, phenomenological, experiential and spiritual aspects of the dawah; all rooted in the Quran and Prophetic traditions. This course will also cover the fiqh of dawah, the characteristics of the caller, the role of the innate disposition (fitrah), knowing God before calling to Him, how to awaken the truth within, and much more.

Recomended reading

The Fiqh of Dawah: A Commentary on 40 Hadiths.

Course instructors

Sh. Fahad Tasleem
BA in Economics, Graduate Studies in Middle Eastern Studies, MSc in Business. Student, researcher and teacher of various Islamic sciences.
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Author, PgCert and MA in philosophy, postgraduate researcher