Audio Essay | The Adamic Conundrum

Note: The Soundcloud clip above is downloadable.

This audio essay, by Dr. Osman Latiff, sets to emphasise a newer Qur’ān-centred approach in Muslim/Christian dialogueIt advocates an approach focused on considering not simply what Muslims and Christians might differ on but a crucial reason for those differences and the worldviews of both religions that emerge from those differences. It examines the genesis of where the two paths divergence how that divergence has resulted in differing theological viewpoints.

Such a fundamental starting point has been sometimes circumvented in order to open spaces for more obvious discussions around major points of theology, namely, from Christian theology – the Incarnation, Divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the Crucifixion. Although each of these is certainly crucial, each of them emanates from the subject of this piece, from what Dr. Latiff terms the Adamic Conundrum.