New Book | Abraham Fulfilled: A Biblical Study of God’s Plan for Ishmael and Arabia

About the book

A long-standing tradition of discussion among Muslims, Jews, and Christians is the question of whether Muhammad is to be considered the fulfilment of Abraham’s prophetic legacy. Over the last few decades, Jewish and Christian apologists have become increasingly sophisticated in their objections to the notion of Muhammad in the Bible. This book stands on the shoulders of the giants in Islamic scholarly tradition, and builds on their work to bring the topic kicking and screaming into the modern apologetics age.

This book is a unique contribution to the topic. It represents a paradigm shift in terms of delivery, building an accumulative case for Muhammad in the Bible that the book dubs “the Arabian Prophecies”. It cites a vast corpus of supporting academic material including Hebrew and Greek linguists, Jewish rabbis, and church theologians. Moreover, the authors have trawled through heaps of literature as well as countless academic debates to compile the most formidable objections into one handy resource, comprehensively dismantling them in the process.

The book will take you on a journey through the Bible, dispelling misconceptions about Abraham’s family and giving you the key to unlock critical prophecies about Ishmael and Arabia that for many have been 'hidden in plain sight' until now. These are prophecies that will forever change your perspective on the Bible.


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About the authors

Abu Zakariya has had a life-long interest in comparative religion. He has authored several books that have been published by iERA and translated by Dawah organisations around the world: 'The Eternal Challenge' (2015), 'Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah' (2017), and 'The Forbidden Prophecies' (2019).

Adnan Rashid is a distinguished historian with a specialisation in the history of Islamic civilisation, comparative religion, and Hadith literature. Having earned both an honors and masters degree in history, he is currently pursuing further studies to enhance his already impressive academic background. His academic work on the history of Tipu Sultan has been published by Cambridge University Press.


Zakir Hussain is a respected researcher into comparative religion. He is a key member of the Muslim Debate Initiative having had numerous high profile debates spanning over a decade. His interlocutors including internationally recognised theologians such as Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown.